On May 27th, the 8th edition concluded with an attendance of more than 15,000 people and a significant increase in subscribers compared to last season, 22% more and 56% more than the pre-COVID (19-20) figures. We closed this year's edition with an average occupancy of 83%, with three of the events being sold out (the Christmas concert with ADDA Simfònica and the Orfeón Donostiarra conducted by Josep Vicent; Evgeny Kissin's recital; and the return to the stage of Zubin Mehta along with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra) and two more surpassing 88%.

We aimed to attract a young audience with more than 500 interested in benefiting from reduced prices. Almost 150 people are already part of BCN Clàssics' own Youth Space, while 130 used the Carnet Jove discounts, 60 the Quadern Cultura, 50 the Bono Cultura, and 35 the Cultura Jove. It is noteworthy that 80 people also came from schools.

BCN Clàssics is also part of the Apropa Cultura community, and during the 23/24 season, more than 160 people at risk of exclusion were able to attend its concerts. Additionally, 68 members of Barcelona's local groups benefited from exclusive discounts; nearly a hundred people attended in group format (from 10 members), and around fifty purchased tickets through the Tr3sc platform.

The citizens of Barcelona continue to make up 47% of the audience attending BCN Clàssics concerts, followed by 20% from the province itself and, with the same percentage, from the rest of the world. However, in some concerts, such as the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington, foreigners made up 30% of the audience.

Regarding the most common age ranges at the concerts, around 30% fall into the 30-50 age group, closely followed by the 50-65 and over 65 age groups, each with 25%. In terms of gender, 51% are men, reaching up to 55% in concerts like the one by Orfeón Donostiarra with ADDA Simfònica and Hélène Grimaud. Conversely, in cases like Evgeny Kissin (52%) and Zubin Mehta (56%), female attendance was higher.

Thus, the 8th season of BCN Clàssics concludes with very positive feelings about the results obtained and the progress and work well done. A new edition that has consolidated the concert series as one of the must-attend events in the city of Barcelona and is in constant growth.