General Terms & Conditions

Changes in the programming

BCN Clàssics reserves the right to modify the programming, dates and times of concerts, and substitute the artists, either on the request of the artists themselves or if any external event makes this necessary. If an artist is unable to perform on the scheduled date, BCN Clàssics will look for a replacement of equal quality. If this is not possible, an alternative date will be scheduled or, as a last resort, the concert will be cancelled.

Ticket refunds

The cancellation of a concert is the only admissible reason for the refund of the amount paid for tickets. BCN Clàssics will not refund tickets for any other reason. Depending on the case, they can be exchanged for vouchers worth the same amount, which can be used to attend other concerts in the programming.

Ticket prices 

  • The prices of concert tickets and season tickets may go up or down depending on how many tickets have been sold.
  • Ticket prices already include VAT at 10% but do not include the service fee, which is applied at the time of payment.
  • The organisation reserves the right to apply a ticket service fee to cover administrative costs, in the sales channels it considers appropriate and for the reprinting of tickets.
  • The service fee is applied at the time of purchase and is separate from the cost of the concert ticket(s). The sale of tickets is subject to commissions applied by the ticketing system provider and the collaborating banks. In the event of cancellation of an event, refunds will only cover the face value of the tickets and will not include associated service fees charged on purchase. The service fee is independent of the use or purchase of the concert ticket(s).
  • Any information about the activity displayed on the sales system platform is indicative. The buyer accepts the ticket terms and conditions at the time of purchase.
  • Discounts cannot be accumulated.
  • BCN Clàssics is neither responsible for the price or conditions applied to tickets sold through ticket resale platforms nor their validity.

Seating changes 

  • For organisational, technical or production reasons, you may be asked to move to another area with similar or better seating.
  • The information about concert visibility displayed on the sales system platform is for guidance only.
  • You must occupy the seat indicated on your ticket. Standing or changing seats during the concert is not permitted.
  • If you occupy a seat that does not match the one indicated on your ticket, the organisation reserves the right to ask you to leave the venue.

Printing of tickets 

  • You can print your tickets, including season tickets, through the website (Personal Zone).

Season tickets 

  • BCN Clàssics reserves the right to cancel or reject the renewal of season ticket subscriptions for disciplinary or organisational reasons or owing to non-payment of any of the instalments.
  • If the subscription is being paid in instalments and the subscriber defaults on an instalment, BCN Clàssics will charge in full for the entire subscription, in addition to bank charges. Payments will be made by direct debit from the subscriber’s current account.

Punctuality and admission 

  • Please be punctual. Once a concert has started, no one is allowed to enter the auditorium.

Recordings and photos 

  • The unauthorised use of cameras, audio and video equipment during shows is not permitted.


  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be silenced or turned off before entering the auditorium and screens must be dimmed as much as possible.
  • You are asked to avoid making any noise, such as coughing, during performances.


  • Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children must be over 5 years old to attend a concert.
  • It is recommended that children occupy boxes or side aisle seats so that they can easily leave the auditorium if necessary.
  • It is also recommended that children do not occupy seats on the upper floors, especially in the front rows.

Food and drink

Food and drink may not be brought into the auditorium. Drinks may only be consumed in the designated areas.

Front of house staff

The front of house staff are responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations. Please keep your ticket and show it to staff when required.


With the exception of assistance dogs, animals are not allowed.

Dangerous objects

It is forbidden to bring in objects considered dangerous.

Spectator and subscriber services

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