Ton Koopman has devoted his entire life to performing the works of J.S. Bach, which is why last night's concert was a unique opportunity to see a legendary interpreter. Alongside the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, an institution he himself founded, they paid tribute to the German composer with two key works: the Musical Offering and Suite No. 2 in B minor.

The conductor, accompanied by six musicians who entered and exited the stage of the Palau de la Música, already captivated the audience with the first notes of the Musical Offering. The presence of the harpsichord and the rest of the ancient instruments increasingly shone with the beauty of this transcendent work. Almost an hour to admire the art of the fugue, canon, and counterpoint of this memorable piece.

After a brief pause, it was the turn of Suite No. 2 in B minor, one of the indispensable successes of the German Baroque, which also shone for its delicacy.

A night in which Ton Koopman and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra demonstrated why they are true experts in the works of J.S. Bach. With an amazed audience who, after several rounds of applause, could enjoy hearing the last part of Suite No. 2, the "Badinerie," a second time.