Imma Santacreu & Hèctor Parra

Cuerpo a cuerpo

Saturday 28th January 2023 | 20:00h

Palau de la Música


Sequence I

  • Hèctor Parra - Four Miniatures. Solo piano
  • Hèctor Parra- Nocturne (from Constellation No. 13 by Joan Miró). Solo piano
  • Hèctor Parra – Love-Life After Architecture. For piano four hands - National premiere

Sequence II

  • Semi-improvised introduction for piano four hands
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude in G m. No. XVI of the Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol. II. Solo piano
  • Transition for piano four hands
  • Hèctor Parra - Sarabande from the opera Les Bienveillantes – for two pianists and a piano - National premiere
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Sarabande in G. M. from the French Suite No. 5. Solo piano

Sequence III

  • Hèctor Parra - Reminiscences of the opera Orgia – absolute premiere


Hector Parra piano
Imma Santacreu piano

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